InBody Scan – Body Composition Analysers

InBody Scan – Body Composition Analysers

InBody Scan – Body Composition Analysers provide a detailed report outlining an individual’s measurements in such things as but not limited to:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass
  • Total  body fat in kilograms
  • Total body fat in percentage
  • Visceral fat
  • Total body water
  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate

InBody Scan - Body Composition Analysers

Your Scan Is As Unique As You Are

InBody’s patented technology is unique as it scans you for you. InBody is the only BIA device that does not require inputted age and gender data- the results simply speak for themselves and this is what sets InBody apart from other devices. Age and gender data is only requested as a means of providing relevant guidelines on your result sheet. InBody does not use any assumptions in its assessment and provides results which are extremely precise and as unique as the person standing on the InBody scan machine.

InBody Scans is a great result tracker!

InBody Scans are a great way to track progress and see results that are sometimes gone unnoticed. At Fun Fast Fitness we utilise InBody Scan as a tool to show our clients a valuable approach to viewing improvements in their overall health. There is a lot more to health improvement than what a weight scale reads back to you!

InBody Scan representatives visit Fun Fast Fitness regularly for our clients to undergo new and follow up scans to see the improvements they have made.

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Interested in booking an InBody Scan?

You do not have to be a member of Fun Fast Fitness to receive a scan. If you would like to enquire when InBody Scan is next visiting please contact us via email | or phone | 0404 871 484

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