Diabetes Group Exercise Training

Diabetes Group Exercise Training

Diabetes Group Exercise Training is a proven way to promote regular engagement in physical activity and encourages important lifestyle adjustments to improve diabetic management. Group training environments can offer:

  • Support and encouragement
  • Allow you to interact with other diabetics
  • Establish friendships and social support
  • An opportunity to work closely with Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Diabetic & Active exercise classes are suitable for Type 1, Type 2 and Pre-Diabetic individuals. Exercise sessions are conducted by Accredited Exercise Physiologists allowing participants to receive the support services they require to improve their diabetic conditions.

The exercise sessions assist to provide the knowledge and skills required to safely participate in exercise whilst managing diabetes, encourage regular engagement in physical activity to assist with diabetes management and improve general quality of life.

Each participant is given an individual program designed by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to encourage the participant to work at their own capacity and achieve improvement in areas of their health that are most relevant. The programs are regularly monitored and updated to promote continual improvement in fitness levels.

Diabetic & Active Classes can assist with:

  • Increasing physical activity levels
  • Reducing risk factors for developing diabetes, heart disease and other chronic disease
  • Improving diabetes management
  • Improving healthy eating habits
  • Improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, balance and coordination
  • Improve quality of life and functional capacity

How do I register for Diabetic & Active?

To register for Diabetic & Active classes please contact Rebecca who is our leading Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
To participate in this program you may be required to obtain an appropriate referral from your general practitioner.
Phone | 0404 871 484

Program Costing

Diabetic & Active exercise class weekly attendance is $20. This allows up to 3 classes per week.

If you are Type 2 diabetic you may be entitled to up to 8 classes subsidised by Medicare upon an appropriate referral.

Program Session Timetable

Wednesday & Friday at 11am-12pm

Monday & Wednesday at 6pm-7pm

Saturday 10am-11am


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