Ladies 50yrs+ Group Training

Ladies 50yrs+ Group Training

Ladies 50yrs+ Group Training is provided through our Move To Live Seniors Program. This program assists with improving general health and falls prevention for older adults. Our exercise sessions target:
– Bone strengthening
– Balance improvement
– Increase aerobic fitness levels
– Promote grip strength improvement
– Improve joint mobility and flexibility
– Manage chronic health conditions including osteoarthritis
– Provide social interaction
Program delivery is via our Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Sport Scientists ensuring you are always exercising safely.
Fitness For All Levels
“We endeavour to provide an environment that is welcoming,¬†supportive and non-judgmental”!

Low- Impact Exercise

Exercise plays a significant role as we age and regular participation is important. Regular strength training can assist to promote and maintain muscle strength, posture, balance, co-ordination, range-of-movement and bone health. Exercise can also assist to manage health conditions that affect our daily lives as we age including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Falls Prevention Exercise

Falling can be very traumatic with approximately half of older adults concerned about it. Statistics show that 1 in 3 adults aged 65 years fall and with a reoccurrence of a fall likely.

The Move to Live program utilises evidence based exercise which improves strength and balance proved to reduce the risk of falling and improving confidence to perform normal activities of daily living.

Are You Suitable for Live To Move?

The Live to Move Seniors program is specifically designed for adults 50years+. As our seniors classes are implemented by an Accredited Allied Health Professionals we are able to cater for individuals with walking aids. All exercise prescribed is low-impact and individually adapted to each participant.

The safety of our clients is very important so prior to attending a Seniors Group Training session you may be required to undergo an exercise and medical screening and potentially obtain a participation clearance from your GP.

Session Times and Cost Of Ladies 50yrs+ Group Training

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Sessions are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays &  Thursdays at 10.30am Р11.15am.

The cost of seniors group training is $15 a week allowing you to attend up to 3 sessions.

Book An Exercise & Medical Screening Now

If you would like to book a exercise & medical screening with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist please contact Rebecca | 0404871484

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Alternatively come and visit us in person at Unit 5/74 Mileham Street, South Windsor