Functional Training – Women Only

Functional Training – Women Only

Functional Training – Women Only environments offers a comfortable way for females to train under fitness professional supervision without the feelings of intimidation and the insecurities often felt in gym-like environments. The women only environments allows our female clients to work closely with our fitness professionals to target particular areas of their fitness they feel is lacking. This may range from challenges of maintaining balance, recovery from an injury or poor movement patterns. This unique environment not only promotes results for our female clients it allows education and knowledge to be passed on through our fitness professionals.

Functional Training – Women Only training classes cater for all levels. The program design allows for individuals to work within their own limit and achieve improvements at their own pace. The group environment offers support, motivation and in many cases encourages regular attendance to perform exercise which is a key factor to obtaining improvements in fitness and health. The classes are capped at 10 participants to ensure safety and offers familiarity amongst clients. The program aims to improve your strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility. The functional training programming targets the whole body, promotes weight-loss, muscle toning and most importantly improvements in bone health. The training incorporates a range of equipment from kettlebells and battle-ropes through to your own body-weight. All classes are conducted under supervision and guidance of our health professionals.

What is functional training?

Functional training is not a new training method and has existed for sometime. Functional training methods are used in a variety of ways such as rehabilitation from injuries or surgeries through to occupational therapy and return to work strategies. Functional training quite simply is utilising everyday movement patterns and placing them into an exercise format.

So what movements are functional?

Functional movement patterns include; squat, lunge, press, pull, twist, bend and gait (walking/running). All of these movements translate into patterns we undertake everyday in activities of daily living (ADL’s). It is important that as individuals we perform these functional movement patterns fluently to lessen the likelihood of sustaining injury.  Applying these movement patterns into an exercise program and placing the movements under loading creates and promotes strengthening of the muscles, bones and joints. This offers stabilisation and better joint range of motion. Regardless of your current fitness level, age or health conditions functional training is very beneficial and it is never to late to commence.

Functional Training - Women Only

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