Metcon is exercise programmed using the high intensity interval training (HIIT) format. Interval training at high intensity has been proven in various conducted researches to be extremely effective in fitness level improvements.

Metcon is a great challenge for the aerobic capacity system. Utilisation of work to rest timed ratio’s allows for the ability to increase your fitness levels. You will not only feel great at the end of each session you will also visibly notice your fitness improvements. The high recruitment of your major muscle groups using your own body weight and functional equipment increases the ability to expend a high quantity of calories effectively promoting the “after burn effect”. Training this way is not only effective to increase your fitness level but is very effective if you are also time poor.

Every Metcon class is different and varied with a range of functional movements patterns to keep you motivated and challenged. All classes are programmed to offer scalable options so that participation is for all fitness levels. Our philosophy is as long as you are moving you are achieving fitness results. The Metcon class format is offered in both female only and unisex environments.

high intensity interval training

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