Move To Live – Seniors Getting Active Program

Move To Live

Low Impact Exercising to keep good health

The Move To Live program is a resistance based exercise program for seniors (50 years+). It is an approved seniors program by Active & Healthy NSW. Live to Move is suitable for individuals who aim to participate in regular low-to-moderate exercise at a comfortable pace with the aim to improve general health and fitness levels. The program meets the needs of individuals who are experiencing current health hurdles such as high blood pressure or blood glycaemia. The involvement within this program ensures you exercise under highly qualified supervision and at the intensity and volume that is best suited to your ability right now. This program is about exercising safely and smartly to gain health improvement results.

Each participant within this program undertakes a pre-screening evaluation before commencement of any exercise. Assignment of an exercise program is tailored and based on the needs of the individual taking into consideration their goals and movement needs for activities of daily living. The overall aim of this program is to help individuals maintain and build muscle and bone strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility and a basis of aerobic capacity so that they can continue to perform activities they need to in everyday life. These activities can be as simple as climbing a stair case without feeling puffed-out and experiencing throbbing legs.

The Live to Move group based program runs for approximately 40-60 minutes each session.

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Low impact exercising

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