Group Training


HIIT targets your cardiovascular fitness with the goal to improve your heart and lung function and reduce development of heart disease.

HIIT Training Classes

A HIIT session will involve simple exercise movements targeting large muscle groups performed on a timer with sequenced rest periods.

Quite often this form of training is avoided but it must be noted that ‘high intensity’ is individually unique and we always encourage each of our clients to train to their own capability.

Performing HIIT training is time-effective aerobic exercise and reduces the need to spend long periods of time on treadmills and other forms of stationary cardio equipment.

HIIT in its full definition is ‘high intensity interval training’.

We can help you achieve high calorie burning and effective exercise in fat burning heart rate zones in a shorter period of time. If you are time poor HIIT training can be a great class to improve your fitness and promote improved weight-management.

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