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Personal training & Group classes in Windsor

Group Training

Group Training

We offer a vast range of group training classes in our South Windsor Gym. Such as functional fitness, cardio training, boxing and muscle toning. Fun group training for all ages and fitness levels. Get started today!

Personal Training

Personal Training

Want the one-on-one personal training experience? We have the friendliest personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals. We tailor your sessions, no matter what your goals are, your fitness levels or age.

Gym Membership


Want to work out at your own pace? We offer different levels of general gym membership with full access to our equipment. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and accessible for beginners to more experienced gym goers.

Fun Fast Fitness

Located in South Windsor and building healthier humans since 2012. We are dedicated to help you achieve the best version of you, whatever you want that to be. We are here to build a fitness community, healthier humans and have fun while we’re at it. We love what we do, from personal training to group classes and just enjoy giving a helping hand to those that want to build their body on their own.

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Get unlimited access to our gym and group training sessions for 7 days. We want to make sure that our Windsor Gym is the right fit for you before you commit. Fill out the form and get started!

    Be part of our community

    At Fun Fast Fitness we are committed to providing an all inclusive exercise community that focuses on supporting, guiding and shaping individuals to improve their health and wellness. We place emphasis on reducing the impact of sedentary behaviour and work with you to manage your chronic illness or reduce the risk of development.

    We strive to ensure all of our clients feel supported and important regardless of their age, fitness level and/or health conditions.