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Rebecca Hannon

Exercise Physiologist
B.Ex.Sc M.Clin.Ex.P ESSAM

I was brought up playing a variety of competitive sport both individual and team-based. I operated my first gym at the age of 24 and 10 years on I have proudly built a community-based business improving the health and fitness of many individuals.

I am driven to learn, up skill and to grow myself professionally and to grow a team around me with similar direction. I have completed a bachelors, Masters and post-graduate degrees/certificates in the field of health science. I am passionate about delivering exercise that influences the ability for an individual to improve their functional being and educates to promote a healthy lifestyle and ageing process. I fell in love with the concept of functional training as it could be delivered to young and older clients.

I have played high-level sport and represented Australia in Indoor soccer and touch football winning a World Cup in 2015. I have since retired from team-sport and moved into competing in golf and triathlons, probably the two most difficult sports to train and master. I am the type of person who is constantly on the go so I have had to learn how to slow down and take a time-out.

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