3 Benefits of Personal Training

“Do I need personal training?”

Whether you are a beginner in the gym or you have been training for years, you probably asked yourself the question “Do I need personal training?”. It is not easy to make a such decision – personal training takes commitment, time and money. So, let’s dive in and find out the benefits of personal training and why you should strongly consider it.
3 benefits of personal training are::

  • Accountability & motivation
  • Personalised training to your needs
  • Correct technique & safety

1. Accountability & motivation

We are all familiar with snoozing the alarm in the morning, or just simply skipping the workout and convincing yourself, “I will start exercising next week”.

An exercise professional will keep you accountable and give you an extra push during your workouts – you will surprise yourself of what you are capable of achieving with a cheer squad. They will motivate you through each session, help you get through a tough set and cheer you on through your accomplishments! Plus having an appointment scheduled keeps you accountable and consistent.

2. Personalised training to your needs (medical conditions, injuries)

Whether you have an ongoing injury, or are suffering from medical conditions, or simply have goals in mind you would like to accomplish – an exercise professional can tailor exercises to meet your needs and guide you towards your goals.

Exercise professionals will prescribe exercises that are safe and specific to you while encouraging you to try new movements and workout styles safely. Remember personal trainers have undergone specific training to prescribe exercise.

3. Correct technique & safety

The Internet can provide only so much information on how to keep active and how to perform exercises using the correct technique.

Also, anybody can upload a YouTube video of how to perform exercise! An exercise professional will help you learn how to correctly use weight machines and free weights and break down mechanics of exercise to allow you to learn safe performance. A correct technique is crucial when exercising to ensure your safety and reduce the likelihood of getting injured whilst exercise.

Maybe you are finding the gym a little bit daunting and overwhelming (especially with all the different machines and free weights), or you are feeling stuck with your training and you are unsure how to achieve the goals you have set – looking into personal training with an exercise professional will help you get more confident in the gym and guide you towards results!

Rebecca Hannon

Exercise Physiologist
B.Ex.Sc M.Clin.Ex.P ESSAM