Are you hitting the golf course and not reducing your handicap?

Well strength and mobility may be what’s costing you! Invest in strength and mobility before you hit the golf shop!

Many golfers will seek to improve by purchasing new clubs or getting lessons, both of which are important. However, strength and mobility training is often a neglected piece of the puzzle that can hold the key to significant improvements in your golf game to help lower your scores.

Titleist performance institute research shows that the top golfers poses greater mobility, power and strength, with physical conditioning now playing a significant role at the professional level of golf.

Strength and mobility = distance gains

Increasing your strength allows you to be able to produce a greater club head speed which has a direct impact on your ability to hit the ball further. This is important if you want to improve as it has been well documented that greater driving distance and club head speed correlates with lower scores on the golf course for every level of golfer.

A lack of mobility often is a limiting factor in the club head speed that a player can generate. An important element in creating speed in the golf swing is the separation generated between the hips and the shoulders in the backswing. If you have poor mobility, a long backswing for power as well as lower and upper body separation will be difficult to generate, robbing you of distance.

Injury Prevention

Strength and mobility training can have a significant impact on lowering the chance of injury and reducing fatigue on the golf course. Unconditioned muscles that are weak and lack mobility will be more prone to injury due to the excessive load placed on the body during the golf swing. Strengthening your body and increasing your mobility will increase your ability to handle the impacts of the golf swing which becomes increasingly important as you age.

Whether it is for preserving distance as you age, trying to gain more distance or preventing injury, a well-designed golf exercise program is the next thing every golfer should invest in to help their game. If you’re interested in getting some guidance to improve your strength and mobility, then reach out to us.

Josh McDougall

Accredited Exercise Sport Scientist