The 3 C’s You Must Achieve To See Results From Your Gym Workouts

The new year always welcomes new year’s resolutions in the gym scene. 

If your new year’s resolution involves achievements in weight-loss, fitness improvements or training milestones then there are 3 C’s you must consider with goal setting!
The 3 C’s:
  • Change
  • Commitment
  • Consistency

1. Change

Firstly, you need to consider what you need to CHANGE in order to achieve your goal.

If weight loss is your end goal, then there are habits you need to consider changing to reach this milestone. For example, swap one pertinent habit in your dietary intake such as reducing soft drink intake or seeking expert guidance on general nutrition to assist with weight loss.

2. Commitment

Secondly, COMMITMENT is vital to achieving goals. Often barriers are inevitable with achieving goals so preparation to overcome this is critical.

Commitment with goals such as weight loss involves ‘putting yourself first’! Other considerations are to embrace the barrier, put it behind you and continue on the path towards your goal. Commitment to change is where the results start to pay dividends. Achieving commitment may involve an element of accountability this can often come from a personal trainer or a training buddy.

3. Consistency

Finally, CONSISTENCY! Consistency is the most important C! For many health journeys are a long steady path and those that stay consistent achieve life changing results.

Consistency involves commitment to all the little changes you make along the way. These changes might be committing to the 5am alarm to go to the gym, reducing junk food intake or cooking more home meals. The consistency to stick to these changes will provide the satisfaction of achieving those new year’s goals set!

Rebecca Hannon

Exercise Physiologist
B.Ex.Sc M.Clin.Ex.P ESSAM